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I install macromedia flash 8 and it comes with as1.0 and as2.0 but it does not come with as3.... Loading Using the Bootstrap Class Loader 5.3.2. In any case, the Java Virtual Machine then records that L is an initiating loader for C (§5.3.4). The Java Virtual Machine must impose the loading constraints TiL1 = TiL2 for i = 0 to n (§5.3.4). Type and Method Handle Resolution To resolve an unresolved symbolic reference

Linking 5.4.1. Just before a reference to the newly created object is returned as the result, the indicated constructor is processed to initialize the new object using the following procedure: Assign the arguments The procedure for initializing C is then as follows: Synchronize on the initialization lock, LC, for C. Since ColoredPoint declares no constructors, a default constructor of the form: ColoredPoint() { super(); } is provided for it automatically by the Java compiler.

Then: Let R be the symbolic reference to the field or method contained within MH. (R is derived from the CONSTANT_Fieldref, CONSTANT_Methodref, or CONSTANT_InterfaceMethodref structure referred to by the reference_index item check my blog Use is subject to license terms. Class unloading is an optimization that helps reduce memory use. Loading Constraints 5.3.5.

Re: The class or interface could not be loaded...? The value returned by the invocation is the created class or interface C. To enforce these constraints, the Java Virtual Machine will, at certain prescribed times (see §5.3.1, §5.3.2, §5.3.3, and §5.3.5), record that a particular loader is an initiating loader of a particular this content Initialization 5.6.

Linking is described in §5.4. §5.5 details how classes and interfaces are initialized. §5.6 introduces the notion of binding native methods. Furthermore, the hash value of the Class object is dependent on its identity. Resolution of Symbolic References 12.4.

R is private and is declared in D.

The Java Virtual Machine creates a new array class with the indicated component type and number of dimensions. Otherwise, the accessibility of the array class is public. 5.3.4.Loading Constraints Ensuring type safe linkage in the presence of class loaders requires special care. This Class object is fully initialized and ready for use. Also see the documentation redistribution policy.

In the case of failed resolution of an invokedynamic instruction, the bootstrap method is not re-executed on subsequent resolution attempts. Then, initialize each final static field of C with the constant value in its ConstantValue attribute (§4.7.2), in the order the fields appear in the ClassFile structure. The class loader L can delegate the loading of C to some other class loader L'. have a peek at these guys A symbolic reference to a method type is derived from a CONSTANT_MethodType_info structure (§4.4.9) in the binary representation of a class or interface.

The Java programming language does not specify which thread will invoke the finalizer for any given object. current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Note that this sort of optimization is only allowed if references are on the stack, not stored in the heap. At each reachability decision point, some set of objects are marked as unreachable, and some subset of those objects are marked as finalizable.

If that execution completes abruptly, then this procedure completes abruptly for the same reason. Otherwise, the Java Virtual Machine invokes loadClass(N) on L. Scripting on this page tracks web page traffic, but does not change the content in any way. A call site specifier gives zero or more static arguments, which communicate application-specific metadata to the bootstrap method.

Creation of New Class Instances 12.6. Invocation of certain reflective methods in the class library (§2.12), for example, in class Class or in package java.lang.reflect. The binary format of a class or interface is normally the class file format described in The Java Virtual Machine Specification, Java SE 7 Edition cited above, but other formats are You’ve completed your Kongregate account!

A similar line of reasoning can be used to deduce that classes and interfaces loaded by the bootstrap loader can never be unloaded. Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods. The implementation of the Java Virtual Machine is responsible for taking care of synchronization and recursive initialization by using the following procedure. Class Object has no superclass, so the recursion terminates here.

Re: The class or interface could not be loaded...? Finally, an instance of the stub class is constructed with a RemoteRef.